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During COVID19 lockdown, Swann Catalogues became material and that image of Jackie O was a tragic moment in history made into a collector’s item. These collages are mind maps. “Thinking of Horses” merges a moment of sadness with sepia toned landscapes and dreamlike horses reworking a moment of sadness to a soft potential for hope. My favorite works by Robert Mapplethorpe are his flowers- specifically the ones where the flowers and light casts on the background seem to engage with each other. “Arm and Leg” forced this interaction of the body and landscape, trying to merge his popular images with the ones I admire. The melty colors of the flowers and bird made me think of the way we engage with autochromes through magic lanterns. Projecting autochromes can melt their emulsion and change their color. When I dragged the bird image on the scanner it felt like I was reengaging with that history and background shifted colors in this painterly way.